Kristen A. Rogers
Senior Designer

Firestone Tires Website Redesign


Firestone Tires Website Redesign

People who fit their vehicles with Firestone tires tend to be sticklers for detail. They want their hard-earned money to go far — and the products they buy to do the same. So when Firestone came to us for their site redesign, they asked for a site that: 1) Reinforced Firestone’s strong heritage of dependability and innovation, 2) Offered all the information a customer might need to make a decision, and 3) Launched as a commerce-ready platform that drove conversion on day one. We delivered all of the above and more.

Our custom photo and video shoot yielded rich, detailed, and authentic shots of trucks in their natural environment. No stock models necessary. We began building rapport with simple language and key truths at every step. And we made finding the right tire easier for our target with an intuitive user experience and responsive design that handled beautifully, whether on laptop or mobile.

The result? An uptick in sales. And a renewed interest in putting Firestone tires to the test, both on-and-off-road.