Kristen A. Rogers
Senior Designer

Rightpoint Culture


Rightpoint ATL Culture

The Rightpoint ATL office was established in 2016 and only housed about 12-15 people. Once part of a much smaller, independent company, the Atlanta office was new to many standard things such as a creative team, an on-boarding and welcoming process for new hires, and was overall lacking a culture that combined the Rightpoint brand with Atlanta flavors. The office was bare (resembling an empty call center), the swag was non-existent (ok, I lied, they had cheap branded pens and a tiny notebook with the logo printed on it), and on your first day you were given your laptop still in the amazon shipping box and a Dell computer screen (nothing hooked up or ready to go).

This needed to change.



A new hire questionnaire emailed to the new team member so the office can quickly get to know them and so we can have personalized gifts at their desk upon their first day along with RP swag.



Getting a new employee's desk ready for their first day. RP items include a branded water bottle, Moleskine, koozie, duck stickers, and a card signed by the office along with, in this case, Star Wars-themed nerf gun and toys.



Gifts from corporate office including an Infinite Fidget — created by the CEO himself using the company 3D printer — and a branded pencil pouch containing a $25 gift card to use at the online RP swag store.


Items in the RP swag store included…

Stickers. All the stickers.


Buttons using our unique icons and logo explorations.


Koozies for all occasions.

How about a cold beverage for your slice of ‘za.

How about a cold beverage for your slice of ‘za.

Fowling. It’s a Detroit thing.

Fowling. It’s a Detroit thing.

Ducks… It’s a Rightpoint thing.

Ducks… It’s a Rightpoint thing.


Moleskines for employees and coasters for the office.

Notebook Mockup PSD.jpg

Pillows for the office couches.


Hoodies, of course.


And last but not least…

…A new office concept making the Atlanta office feel more inviting and unique compared to the other RP offices. Starting with a custom built living wall, metal sign, a living room area for clients and interviewees, and open shelving for local artwork and storage.

Thank You.jpg