Kristen A. Rogers
Senior Designer

Rethink Green Digital Campaign


Bridgetstone Tires Rethink Green

Bridgestone’s environmental mission is the help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. With that in mind, we set out to provide a park or community activity space in need with a $25,000 green space transformation. After the nomination phase passed and the finalists were selected, the voting phase began. Thousands upon thousands of votes poured in in support of the nominees – so many, in fact, that the winner’s prize was increased to $50,000 and the runner-up received the original $25,000 amount.

The campaign was a great success, garnering a large amount of attention, including the media, and participation, while helping out multiple communities in the process.

Executions include the Rethink Green hub, which tied the entire campaign togetherinto one convenient location, the main campaign page that featured the meat of the effort (nomination, voting, and green space story/details), and an in-market campaign to promote and drive sales of the Ecopia tire. In addition to all this, there were accompanying digital ads and emails.